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                  ARROW ( HUBEI HANGANG PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD.) is located in China City XiaoGan Province, it is devoted to electronic products that convert electricity into visible light is the process of how to reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency and quality of the light output of private technology enterprises.

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                  High power b AR-T5C Brack D2D embedded AR-T5A Brack S3 track lig AR-T8T Brack AR-T1 LED Ce AR-T2 LED Ce AR-S1 12W-18 AR-T7 LED Ce AR-T1T LED C AR-T2T LED C AR-D2 XJ LED Serie AR-D8 LED Cy AR-D5 AR-D4E LED C LH35 SeriesH
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                  HUBEI HANGUANG PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD. High-Tech Zone Hubei Xiaogan.PRC